New! IGO date 07/31/2023! OpenSea!




The Tierverse Portal is the main door to our games and mechanics, where you can interact with the community. You can explore our games, join Tournaments, events, buy & send your T-NFT, upgrade, rent, fusion…and much more!


In our Portal you will find, explore, play and get earnings in all of our games published in the catalog, in videogames developed by Tier99 or by third companies


Get earnings through your Tierverse adventure, playing our games, doing matches, joining events, upgrade your T-NFTs, get passive earnings holding NFT, TGHP… and much more!


Our Portal manage all T-NFT and games mechanics, explore, upgrade, earn, trade, invest, buy, rent… The door to Tier99 ecosystem.


In Tierverse Clans, you can create, build and grow up your own community, make your privates Tournaments, upload your own videos, chat with your friends, and get earnings for you and for distribute to your community.


Everyone wins

Each Clan can have a clan fee (optional) where all gamers will contribute with a percentage of their Tierverse earnings and profits to the Clan. Those earnings will be distributed to all the community clan.


The Clan earn, everyone wins

Each Clan can have a owner fee % where the clan creator can get earnings about clan contribution.


Your Clan, your content

In your clan, you can publish your own Tierverse videos from Youtube to share to the clan and increase your followers! Build the connection!


Clan events

You can create and publish your own Clan Tournaments to your community! Go, play and win to scale at Leaderboard.


Everyone wins

Manage your Leaderboard in your clan, train your Tiers, make your team, are you prepared?


The best on the bests

Only Clans can have a ticket to Tier99 eSports events! Create your team, train it, go on to the competition, and get the reward to home.


In the Tier Global Holders Program you can add Stable Coins to the community pool and get earnings periodically by Tier99 global company profits!

Don’t have time to play? Get passive earnings becoming a Tier99 Investor!


In the Tierverse Store you will discover all the limited editions of T-NFT published by Tier99 or by our Sponsors. Buy exclusive T-NFTs and take advantage of your opponents.


You can use our Marketplace to buy, sell and rent the exclusives T-NFT to the community. Maximize your earnings, get the bests T-NFT and get earnings with them!

set room

The SET Room allows you to upgrade, fusion, level up, and purchase upgrades for your T-NFTs. Take advantage and increase the value and power of your inventory.


In each game in Tierverse, you will be able to manage all your inGame builds, with your Orbs, items, heroes, PowerUps, runes and much more! Prepare and improve your build to the battle!