Founded at 2022, Tier 99 is building a competitive eSports Metaverse, from players to players.


We want to empower everyone to play, create and earn in a videogames metaverse. We aim to be the global leader in eSports NFT competitions for development companies and players focused on retail, entertainment, rewards and community experiences.

TIER99 is a revolutionary project with blockchain-related functions offering a real deep videogame metaverse. We create the Tierverse to solve the actual monolytic project problems, opening access to our own videogames and third companies to our community. Our catalog is focused on competitive games growing them to eSports scenarios. With our knowledge, T I E R 9 9 is a bridge between traditional videogame ecosystem and NFT games.

TIER99 promotes P2E gaming increasing your experience with our T-NFT. The point where a NFT lives and dies in a game, it’s over. NFT transversals allows their utilization in the different games of our catalog, increasing exponentially their power and value.

TIER99 builds an ecosystem to bring active and passive incomes to our players, using our mechanics, leveling their items, fusion, trading, being investors and multiplying their chances as a result.

TIER99 holders/investors will gain exclusive access to our rewarding ecosystem with a secure StableCoin ecosystem. TIER99 uses the Clans to create dynamically the eSports teams directly by our community, creating events and Tournaments periodically, bringing the competitive scenario to real life.

TIER99 is a change. Don’t miss this opportunity, and bring the competition to your hands. The Revolution starts today.


At the core of the TIER99 philosophy is traditional and NFT videogames inclusion.  To address this, we are solving the following problems:

  • Making it easier for businesses to onboard more clients to the NFT economy.
  • Simplifying tech solutions that exclude the vast majority of people.
  • Creating and adding to our game catalog professional videogames that reward creators and engage participants who add value to the ecosystem.

Our solution is a platform in the metaverse that acts as a platform connecting development companies in one central hub. Through this immersive platform (TIERVERSE), businesses and creators can tap into tools for finance, gaming, NFTs, e-commerce, enabling them to market to a ready-made audience of users.

In this metaverse, users can play all videogames catalog with their T-NFT adding more functionality and usability.